Welcome to the Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation – THE voice for physician scientists in Canada


The CSCI is dedicated to the development and sustainability of physician scientists in Canada and beyond. Our focus on the physician scientist is central to our commitment to clinical research – research, discovery and innovation that improves human health and cure diseases.

The CSCI fulfills its unique role via our membership of physician scientist trainees and established investigators and our partnership with each Faculty of Medicine in Canada and like-minded Canadian organizations.

Development and application of new knowledge is a sine quo non for sustainability of Canada’s unique universal health care delivery system. Discovery and knowledge translation along the full spectrum of the human translational pathway is key to understanding health determinants, disease pathogenesis, and pathways towards prevention, improved diagnosis and curative treatments. Physician scientists play a key role in this enterprise. Expert in both clinical medicine and research, physician scientists are well (even perfectly) positioned to bridge science and clinical medicine.

The CSCI is dedicated to support the unique role of the physician scientist and the foundations of clinical research by supporting the career development of physician scientists and by advocating for this  ‘bridging role’ in our health system and particularly within academia. CSCI fulfills its mandate by deploying the following six strategies:

  • Partnering with Clinical Investigator Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC) in creating the annual CSCI/CITAC Conference focused on presenting cutting edge science and career development   workshops for the benefit of undergraduate and postgraduate research-interested medical trainees and young investigators.
  • Partnering with key national organizations including the CIHR and the Friends of CIHR to create educational opportunities including the annual CSCI/CITAC conference.
  • Recognizing outstanding physician scientist trainees, young investigators and senior investigators via the CSCI Awards, which are presented at the Annual Conference.
  • Publishing our journal, Clinical and Investigative Medicine to highlight new clinical research findings and highlight career development strategies and outcomes.
  • Advocating for sustainable physician scientist careers in Canada and clinical research towards the improved health of Canadians.
  • Coordinating and supporting the coordinate efforts of Program Directors in Canadian physician scientists training programs.

Membership and active involvement in the CSCI is a demonstration of your support for our mission and strategic actions. It strengthens our voice on the regional and national stage where we must be heard. As President, I welcome you to this website, invite you to become a member of the CSCI or to sustain your membership and participate in our activities.   Alan Underhill, PhD, CSCI President

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