2018 Joe Doupe Young Investigator Award

Eligibility – A new young investigator within ten (10) years of his/her first academic appointment who, in the estimation of his/her departmental chair, is deemed to have accomplished a significant and innovative piece of work since this initial academic appointment.

Proposal Mechanism – Candidacy is achieved through nomination by a CSCI member, with support being provided from the nominee’s departmental chair. The nomination package should be emailed the CSCI office and should contain two (2) letters of support and a current curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must include a business mailing address with a current email address.

Deadline – Submissions are to be received by June 1, 2018.

Selection Process – Review and prioritization of the nominations will be made by the CSCI Awards Committee and their recommendations will be forwarded to the CSCI Executive for ratification


Award and Presentation – The award consists of a free one-year membership to CSCI, a plaque and $1,000 cheque which will be presented to the recipient at the time of his or her lecture. The lecture, entitled The Joe Doupe Annual Lecture, will be on a subject of the Awardee’s choice to be given during the annual CSCI conference.

The recipient will also write an article for the CSCI Journal Clinical and Investigative Medicine. The CIM editor will contact with the winner to provide more details. Return airfare and accommodation will be provided, if required.

The complete nomination package should be sent by email admin@csci-scrc.ca to the CSCI Office.

Past Award Recipients

The Joe Doupe Young Investigator’s Award was established by the CSCI to recognize excellence in research training in the initial stages of independent investigation. The award is named in honour of Dr. Joe Doupe, for 18 years Professor and Head of Physiology at the University of Manitoba. It is an award for performance and promise, qualities that Dr. Doupe recognized, nurtured and prized in those about him.

2017.  Dr. Mike Sapieha
2016 . Dr. T. Martin Schmeing
2015 . Dr. J. Brent Richards
2014 . Dr. Ravi Retnakaran
2013 · Dr. Michael Taylor
2012 · Dr. Phillip Awadalla
2011 · Dr. Robert Sladek
2010 · Dr. Torsten Neilsen
2009 · Dr. Wendy Lim
2008 · Dr. Aaron Schimmer
2007 · Dr. Phillip Devereaux
2006 · Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn
2004 · Dr. Fabio Rossi
2003 · Dr. David G Huntsman
2002 · Dr. Marcel Behr
2001 · Dr. Susan Quaggin
2000 · Dr. Karen Madsen
1999 · Dr. Lorrie A. Kirschenbaum
1998 · Dr. Brent W. Winston
1997 · Dr. Thomas J. Hudson
1996 Dr. Lori J. West
1995 · Dr. Sylvain Meloche
1993 · Dr. Michel Bouvier
1992 · Dr. Gregory P. Downey
1991 · Dr. Catherine P.M. Hayward
1990 · Dr. Robert A. Hegele
1989 · Dr. John M Conly
1988 · Dr. Jon Meddings

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