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There are two kinds of membership in the CSCI; General and Associate. Here are the criterias.

Criteria for admission to General Membership

Individuals with an active interest in all medical and allied health research are welcome to apply for membership. Full membership is limited to those already holding degrees in disciplines relevant to medical health sciences.

Members will receive all official publications, including the peer-reviewed journal of the CSCI, Clinical and Investigative Medicine, which is referenced by Index Medicus. Members are eligible to vote and to hold office within CSCI. They are encouraged to participate in the Society’s meetings and will receive prompt notification of such events.

General Membership fees are $200.00 plus applicable taxes.

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Criteria for admission to Associate Membership

Any person who is in training, or in a training, or a graduate, or fellowship program with an active interest in medical and allied health research is welcometo apply for membership.

Associate Members will receive all official publications of the CSCI and the journal Clinical and Investigative Medicine. They are encouraged to participate in the meetings of the Society but will not be eligible to vote or hold office.

Associate Members will be invited to become full members upon completion of their training.

Associate Member Fees are $50.00 plus applicale taxes.

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The Council meets at least once a year, at the time of the Annual Meeting. The Council is made-up of an Executive, responsible for day-to-day decisions, and the Council members, representing each faculty of medicine in Canada, who decide the ongoing and long term goals of the Society.


The committees are responsible for carrying out the work of the Society and following up all initiatives decided upon by the Council. They are as follows:

  • Awards
  • Program and Education
  • Membership
  • Science Policy
  • Publications & Communications
  • Nominating


CSCI encourages members to contact their local Member of Parliament at specific times so as to add emphasis to our coordinated lobby efforts. In the past, CSCI individuals have met with government ministers and their local MP’s. Some have invited their MP to visit their laboratory and staff to better sensitize them to the work being done in Canadian institutions and the urgent funding needs of biomedical researchers.


The CSCI Council would be delighted to have your ideas and support in organizing our Regional meetings and local events.

On July 8th, 2011, by CSCI/SCRC

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is Nov. 19/20, 2018 Chesnut Centre, Toronto, ON

Dear CSCI Members,

Greetings! My name is Jason Berman and I am delighted to be the new President of CSCI. Like you, I am passionate about clinical care, research and training the next generation of clinician scientists in Canada. I am a pediatric hematologist/oncologist and clinician scientist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My clinical focus is on childhood leukemia and my laboratory uses the zebrafish as a preclinical model of childhood cancers and other rare genetic disorders. I have been on the CSCI Executive for the past few years.

We are living in a very exciting time for clinician scientists in Canada. We have the privileged position of inhabiting both clinical and research worlds and serve as unique liaisons in translating findings from the bench-to-the-bedside. CSCI serves a critical role as the only national organization representing the needs of clinician scientists in Canada. With the evolving changes at CIHR and announced new federal research funding, the time is ripe for advocating for opportunities that specifically are geared to clinician scientists and our MD/PhD and post-graduate (CIP) trainees. CSCI’s journal, Clinical Investigative Medicine (CIM) has entered its 40th year, representing a significant milestone among scientific journals, and a special issue to commemorate this event will be published later this year.

Our annual meeting held in Toronto in November, continues to attract an increasing number of clinician scientist trainees from across the country and features oral presentations, poster sessions, mentorship workshops and networking sessions. CSCI awards for Canadian health research leaders are also given out at this conference with opportunities for attendees to hear from these luminaries in their fields on the trials, tribulations and successes of their careers, many of which have changed health care paradigms and the Canadian health research landscape. This year’s conference will also feature new awards for “best publication” and “best trainee/CSCI supervisor CIM publication”. Please mark your calendars for November 19-21. 2018

I want to thank Alan Underhill, past president for his commitment to CSCI. I look forward to an exciting 2 years as CSCI president and working with CITAC, our trainee organization. I encourage you to renew your membership in CSCI and encourage your colleagues to join our organization. Together, we will work to advance research opportunities for clinician scientists across Canada and improve the health and quality of life our patients.

Jason Berman MD FRCPC

President, CSCI


On July 8th, 2011, by CSCI/SCRC